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Community Business Development

We are passionate about helping all Indigenous communities receive proper benefit, continue to build capacity and become valued participants within the wider mainstream economy while still maintaining their Indigenous traditions and values. Indigenous Community Business Development is a crucial component for our economic growth and ability to support our vital community initiatives and programs. We help communities grow develop their business interests, including:

  Creating space for Indigenous participation

Developing business networking opportunities

Developing training opportunities

Relationship building

Helping create mutually beneficial partnerships

Designing process and protocols

Connecting Indigenous individuals and companies to opportunities

Creating training opportunities

Helping write proposals and grant submissions

Engagement and Relationship Building

We help our clients mindfully engage with industry or Indigenous communities to build mutually beneficial relationships and demonstrate true collaboration and cooperation. Mutually economic benefits are not only possible, they are vital for furthering economic reconciliation and crossing the disruptive margin between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples. We are able to help connect industry realities with Indigenous Knowledge and values. We work with communities directly impacted by project development and recognize their connection to the land as an intrinsic element of their culture, spirituality and traditions, and as assets to be valued and protected. We have successfully provided sustainable socioeconomic benefits and opportunities that flow back to Indigenous communities while helping industry achieve more with each project.

Our philosophy expands beyond creating employment opportunities within our communities—we strive to continuously build capacity. Our wider network consists of Indigenous and non-Indigenous professionals, and is invaluable to our success and cooperative spirit. By collaborating and cooperating with our trusted partners and clients with socially-oriented goals, we are able to continue to help facilitate skills development, training and experience-building within communities. By nurturing positive, diverse relationships within our own community we are better able to respond to our clients’ individual needs, and help to bridge two worlds.