Environmental Monitoring Program

Project Summary

Apeiron Environmental Ltd. was tasked to begin an Indigenous Monitoring Program for construction activities related to a significant Canadian Pipeline project.

The objective of the Indigenous Monitoring Program are:

  • Utilize Indigenous Monitors to oversee pipeline construction and provide an Indigenous perspective to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.
  • Ensure that Indigenous Communities have an integral part in the oversight of pipeline construction.
  • Promote effective, professional working relationships between Indigenous Monitors and The Canada Energy Regulator (CER).

Our Role

Apeiron Environmental Ltd. was responsible for employing and preparing Indigenous Monitors from various communities along the pipeline route. Apeiron organized and training that included mandatory safety training and discussions of local traditional knowledge. Apeiron facilitated discussions between the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) inspectors and Indigenous Monitors to develop an understanding of local interests, concerns, as well as assist resourcing for inspection activities. Apeiron Environment collaborated with local elders or other appropriate resources to consult with monitors if specific questions emerged.

The engagement of Indigenous Monitors ensures that there is a more conscious understanding of Indigenous values, traditions, and perspectives. It provides inspection officers with delegating preventative measures in collaboration with Indigenous peoples to protect the land, people, and environment. This program is in place to make sure that any project operations are being done safely through compliance verification activities.

Services Provided

  • Employing and training Indigenous Monitors
  • Developed and maintained health and safety practice
  • Traditional Land Use and Traditional Ecological Knowledge studies
  • Construction monitoring
  • Impact analysis and migration planning
  • Inspection reporting