Apeiron Environment

We help our clients achieve their regulatory goals while working in harmony with our values and traditions. Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science both provide a framework for understanding our natural world and knowledge that complement each other when they are both valued and understood. Our guiding principle of Empowering People comes from understanding our inherent harmony with each other, the natural world, and the strengths of each. Our environmental team brings this understanding and cooperation, helping our clients fluidly build Indigenous Knowledge into regulatory requirements and project planning, including in Archaeology and Heritage Resources, Biophysical Studies, Indigenous Knowledge Studies, and Reclamation.

Environmental Services

Archaeology & Heritage Resources

We provide a full range of professional archaeological services, from project start-up through regulatory approval, including:

  • Constraints mapping to support project siting and route selection
  • Regulatory consultation
  • Historic Resource Applications to confirm project regulatory
  • Historic and Heritage Resource Impact Assessments
  • Archaeological construction monitoring
  • Environmental project management
  • Indigenous Knowledge Studies
Indigenous Knowledge Studies & Assessments

We provide Indigenous Knowledge studies and Engagement services. We work with communities and proponents to design community-centric approaches to Indigenous Engagement specifically to avoid communities being asked to conform their vibrant history and Knowledge into an assembly-line “regulatory-ready” format and colonization dictating our Indigenous voice. Our specialty utilizes storytelling and arts-based philosophies to provide engaging, compelling studies and reporting that support internal community goals and initiatives while also meeting proponent regulatory requirements.

We provide support for community engagement and studies including:

  • Traditional Knowledge studies
  • Traditional Land Use and Traditional Ecological Knowledge studies
  • Literature reviews
  • Genealogical studies
  • Culture History studies
Biophysical Studies

We offer a full range of biophysical services to our clients. Our team of professional environmental associates have the skills and experience to design and implement assessment, mitigation and monitoring plans.

Apeiron offers environmental project management as part of our suite of environmental services. With direct experience managing the environmental assessments of large-scale oil and gas pipelines, power transmission and distribution, mining and infrastructure projects, Apeiron understands the value of project planning and project management and the efficiency of a well-coordinated assessment. In addition to individual large-scale projects, Apeiron has experience managing portfolios of projects on behalf of clients, ensuring consistent approaches to project management and execution. We look forward to helping you get more out of your projects.

Apeiron’s terrestrial team provides a full range of services, including baseline assessments and reporting, preconstruction wildlife surveys and environmental impact assessment and mitigation and management plans. Wetland assessments in support of Water Act applications are conducted by Authenticating Wetland Professionals (QWSP), who also support the development and implementation of vegetation management and monitoring plans. Water Act applications in watercourses are conducted by Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialists (QAES), who also lead water quality monitoring and fish salvage activities.