Empowering People

Apeiron Resources Ltd. is a 100% Indigenous-owned corporation with a desire to do more. Our core vision is to empower all Indigenous peoples to work together and in harmony with each others’ unique traditions and cultures so we all may achieve self-sufficiency, financial independence, and a healthy socioeconomic system.

Our mission includes furthering the project of reconciliation between industry and Indigenous nations by recognizing, respecting, and accepting the wide range of diverse cultural values and connections with the natural world. We can help connect industry realities with Indigenous Knowledge and values. We work with communities directly impacted by project development and recognize their connection to the land as an intrinsic element of their culture, spirituality, and traditions, and as assets to be valued and protected.

Apeiron has successfully provided sustainable socio-economic benefits and opportunities that flow back to Indigenous communities while helping industry achieve more with each project. Our philosophy expands beyond creating employment opportunities within our communities—we strive to continuously build capacity.

Our wider network consists of Indigenous and non-Indigenous professionals and is invaluable to our success and cooperative spirit. By collaborating and cooperating with our trusted partners and clients with socially-oriented goals, we can continue to help facilitate skills development, training, and experience-building within communities.


Peter McPherson

Peter McPherson

Resources, EVP

Peter's Bio

Peter has nearly 20 years’ experience in the energy sector and is skilled at navigating the cultural complexities surrounding energy infrastructure projects in Canada. Peter is a respected citizen of the Métis Nation and believes strong community relationships are foundational to project and operational success. Peter’s focus includes leveraging his information management expertise, Indigenous leadership skills and cultural heritage to build inclusive partnerships and innovative, workable solutions within project scopes. He is committed to ensuring that Indigenous communities’ voices are heard and they are actively involved in shaping projects that directly impact them. He is especially passionate about helping Indigenous communities heal and become true project partners and self-advocates.

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Our communities are our social and cultural backbone and we are committed to supporting local Indigenous communities through training, investment and resources, and facilitating economic reconciliation. We are involved in our community through volunteering, community organizations, leading community initiatives and sponsorship, as well as connecting citizens of our communities with employment and career options. Together we can achieve more


We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for our employees, contractors and visitors, including their physical, psychological, and social well-being.

Our safety program dovetails with our clients’ project-specific safety requirements and programs, supporting their success and compliance. We facilitate Indigenous participant safety training and protocols, and partner with safety-minded contractors.